Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 Tribute

If you can watch this video and it not move you, then I guess you have a legitimate reason why we should not be fighting terrorism ... maybe you are the problem! I know people are saying America deserved the attacks but the truth is we did not deserve the attack ... no country deserves to be attacked no country deserves to have innocent people die for no reason. This was a senseless attack by terrorist whose only goal in life is to kill all Americans ... not just some ... ALL!

Some will argue that we are in Iraq killing innocents so my statements aren't valid ... I say they are. We weren't out looking for this war, it was brought to us. Our soldiers are fighting for our right to remain a free nation & after the hell terrorist have put Americans through I say HELL NO to any suggestion of sitting down & having a peaceful talk. The time for talk has come & gone. This retired soldiers wife will never forget the intrusions that hateful radicals have brought into my life ... all  American lives!

You can't be against terror then prematurely pull our troops out before their job is complete. Remember Clinton pulled out to early & the terrorist came back stronger & meaner than ever. No one wants a war but sometimes it is necessary to not only keep our nation free but to keep the evil hatred from stepping on our soil again.

I'm sure people reading this who are supporting Obama are saying he is right, we should pull out! Well, to you I say this; the surge wasn't supposed to be successful but OMG ... it is. We're winning the war on terror thus making more than just our nation a better place to live. No one wants to live in fear ... not even the people who were under the rule of Saddam Hussein. People seem to forget why we went there in the first place ... it wasn't originally because of WMD, it was because he was suspected of harboring terrorist.

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chat2missie said...

If more people had lost loved ones that day, they'd feel different.  I lost a cousin that day and I know me and my family are glad our men and women are over there kicking some butt for those who lost their lives.