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Judgement House

Judgement House is a dramatic walk-through presentation about the truth of people's choices and their consequences both in this life and the next.
But Judgement House is so much more than that. No other tool is more effective at presenting people with an opportunity to choose a personal and saving relationship with Jesus Christ.
Over more than 20 years, Judgement House has established a remarkable track-record as the most effective evangelistic tool for reaching those who are wary of attending a traditional church service or outreach event. Since its inception in 1983 an estimated 3.9 million people have attended a Judgement House presentation with 390,000 of those choosing a saving and personal relationship with Jesus Christ for the first time.In addition Judgement House has an amazing impact on the church or organization that chooses to become a covenant partner and produce a Judgement House presentation of their own. These covenant partners are continually reporting that producing a Judgement House presentation unifies their people, focuses, enriches, and improves their prayer lives, and energizes their commitment to reaching the lost of their community.A Judgement House presentation becomes an "agent of change" in the community in which it is presented. Entire communities are moved from guilt to grace, and from sin to salvation and from death to life. A report from a covenant partner expressing the beginnings of revival in their community is a common occurrence.
The Judgement House Experience:
A Judgement House presentation is a walk-through drama that takes place in a series of up to 9 rooms. These presentations take place in locations ranging from churches, to schools, to stadiums and are produced by groups of volunteers from the local church or organization that has become a covenant partner and is producing the Judgement House presentation. The series of rooms in which the drama takes place combine to tell a story. Each story or "script" is unique in its setting, characters and plot and is a relevant interpretation of events happening around the world today. Although the scripts are different, all of the scrips ask the same important question, "What will you do with God's offer of a saving and personal relationship with His Son Jesus Christ."
A Judgement House Presentation, Step By Step:Those attending a Judgement House presentation are welcomed to the location by greeters and are asked to fill out a short registration form. After they register, they are placed in groups ranging in size from 12 to 20 people per group. Every 10 to 15 minutes a group begins their journey through the presentation. To help the groups make their way through the series of rooms and to assist them in understanding the story that is unfolding, a guide is assigned to their group. The guide stops outside each room and gives a brief overview of the previous scene and set-up of the scene they are about to enter.
The first few rooms tell a unique story that leads to a common tragedy, after which, some of the main characters as well as the entire group of audience members experience what Judgement House believes the Bible tells us, is what happens when we leave this earth through death. This includes a scene depicting the final judgement of our lives. In this scene the main characters are sent to their eternal reward or punishment, based on their decision to accept or reject God's offer of a saving and personal relationship with His Son Jesus Christ. In this scene each of the members of the audience will have their name called by the actor portraying the "judge". They are then told, as a group, that unlike the main characters in the story, they still have time to make a choice about what to do with God's offer of a saving and personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ, and to help them decide, they will get a small glimpse of what awaits them in Heaven for accepting the gift of a saving and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, as well as experiencing a small part of the eternal separation from God in Hell, that is the consequence of rejecting that same gift.The group is then led by the guide into a room which represents what, Judgement House believes the Bible tells us, eternal separation from God in Hell is like. This room is commonly the smallest room, with few lights, loud background noise/music and usually made warmer than normal in order to enhance the uncomfortable nature of the experience. In this room audience members learn what has happened to the character(s) who chose to reject God's offer of a saving and personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. They are then addressed by an actor portraying Satan, and again told that they, unlike the characters they have just seen, have a choice about what to do with God's offer of a saving and personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ and are then lead out of the room by the guide.Groups are then led into a room which Judgement House refers to as the "robe room". In the robe room, audience members are given a robe (usually just a white cloth that covers the shoulders) as a representation of the new bodies Judgement House believes the Bible promises us when we reach Heaven.
From the robe room audience members are led into a room depicting what Judgement House believes the Bible tells us Heaven will be like. This is usually the largest room, decorated in white, and focused on the presence of "Jesus". In this scene audience members learn what has happened to the character(s) who chose to accept God's offer of a saving and personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. Group members are then personally and individually welcomed to their eternal reward by an actor portraying Jesus. The guide then leads the group out of the room where their "robes" are taken back and into a final room where a leader gives and overview of the story and offers audience members an opportunity to accept God's offer of a saving and personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. Those wishing to make a commitment or ask questions are offered the opportunity to speak with an encourager one-on-one for as long as they would like. Those who choose not to speak with an encourager are then led by the guide back to the presentation exit, where they are later joined by those who spoke with an encourager when they are done.This process takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour to complete, and a new group of audience members begin their journey every 10 to 15 minutes. An average of approximately 75 people per hour can pass through a Judgement House presentation.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Documenting an Anole

Project of the day: Go out in nature & make a video of any living creature and then give a description for what is being viewed.


Science, Computer, Video Editing

Ares 1-x Shuttle Launch

The first day the Ares 1-X shuttle tried to launch, NASA scratched it because it was delayed because of a cargo ship that had sailed into the safety zone of the launch, and because of clouds overhead. The flight will only last for the duration of six minutes, and will give NASA information needed to send man back to the moon.

The first two minutes of the flight will be to give NASA astronauts information. It will go up twenty eight miles. The designers of the Ares 1-x come from Huntsville, Alabama.

The rocket finally launched the second day after being scratched the previous day—the rocket launched at 11:30 am Eastern time at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Once it launched, it went past mach 2, all the way to mach 4.

It took the rocket but one minute to reach space, as it collects data to send to the ground. There is a camera attached to the side of the shuttle to show its journey.

11:32 am Eastern Time and the rocket breaks into two, sending the shuttle plummeting down to the ground. The data retrieved by the NASA scientists will hopefully allow them to send man back to the moon.

Science, Current Events, History

Ares 1-x test rocket.

The Ares rocket launch had been scheduled for 10/27/09 at the Kennedy Space Center. This had been planned months in advance. I would assume that they had believed that it would be all sunshine and no clouds in sight.

But to there dismay, at 9:38 AM there were storm clouds headed towards the launch pad. This of course was a bad thing. Even just the smallest cloud that would touch the rocket could possibly send the entire flight off course. Merely one minute later the whether started to get worse and NASA started to consider scratching the lift-off.

At 9:45, they discarded there fear when most of the clouds had moved from the rockets location. Because of the decent whether they had at the moment they would decide to set the launch clock for T-Minus four minutes.

9:47, more problems, now a part of the engine would fail. If they could not get the engine to reset they would have to reset the launch clock. Now they had no choice. They could not reset the engine so the clock will be reset.

It is now 10:20 and NASA decides to shut down the launch for today and try again tomorrow.

10/28/09 its 11:28 and the Ares 1-x launch will be attempted one more time this day. Finally the words every one has been waiting for were said at 11:29. T-Minus 43 seconds ‘till lift-off.

Now at 11:30, history is made with the Ares rocket leaving the ground to start its six minute voyage. Merely one minute later the gorgeous white pillar has reached space at Mach 4. This is the fastest rocket, as well as the tallest to reach space. One more minute later and the rocket breaks off and begins its decent to the earth after making history.

Science, Current Events, History

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — NASA's brand-new Ares 1-X rocket, the vehicle planned to launch astronauts spaceward after the space shuttles are retired, is poised to make its first-ever test flight Tuesday.

The experimental Ares I-X rocket is set to lift off at 8 a.m. EDT from Pad 39B here at Kennedy Space Center. NASA needs good weather in order to gather detailed data on how the $445 million booster performs during this maiden voyage. Unfortunately, weather officer Kathy Winters has predicted a grim 60 percent chance of clouds thwarting a launch attempt Tuesday.
"The weather is a little bit of a concern tomorrow," Winters said Monday.

Ares I-X is a trial version of the Ares I rocket, planned under NASA's Constellation program to ferry astronauts to low-Earth orbit aboard an Orion spacecraft. The test rocket includes a real solid-rocket first stage, with a mock second stage and dummy Orion crew capsule on top to simulate the intended weight and size of Ares I. Ares I-X is the tallest booster in service or about to fly and stands about 327 feet high — 14 stories taller than NASA's space shuttles.
The test flight comes at an uncertain time for NASA. The agency's plans to use the Ares I rocket and Orion capsules to replace the shuttle fleet and return astronauts to the moon by 2020 are under review by President Barack Obama's administration. Last week, a report from an independent panel appointed by the White House suggested that NASA consider scrapping the Ares I rocket in lieu of commercial rockets that could be ready sooner.

Despite the uncertainty, NASA officials said they stand behind the flight test, which should be useful not just for designing Ares I but also for other future rockets.
"Much of that kind of learning will be applicable to any large-scale launch system," said Jeff Hanley, program manager for NASA's Constellation program, which encompasses Ares I and Orion.

NASA hopes to have the Ares I and Orion vehicles in service by 2015, but the White House panel said that date would likely slip to 2017.

Untried rocket
As an untried rocket, the flight does carry some risk, mission managers said.
"We're not going to guarantee this is going to work," said Steve Davis, Ares I-X deputy mission manager. "This is a flight test. We have very high confidence it's going to work but there's some areas we're testing for the first time, and that's why we're doing the test."
If the rocket were to fly sharply off-course and threatened to pose any danger to the public, an explosive mechanism onboard called the range safety system could be initiated to destroy the booster.

"[We'll] make sure that were providing safety to the public," said Ed Mango, Ares I-X launch director. "There's no chance that this vehicle is going to go anywhere where the range can't take care of anything it needs to."
Also adding to the potential hazard of the flight is the fact that the space shuttle Atlantis is currently poised atop its Launch Pad 39A, a mere 1.6 miles away. If Ares I-X were to explode, the nearby space shuttle could be in jeopardy. However, because of the trajectory planned for the rocket, as well as the high level of confidence that it will work generally as planned, NASA has estimated a slim 1-in-10,000 chance of catastrophic damage to Atlantis — a danger level the agency is willing to accept.

Gloomy skies
In fact, mission managers say their biggest fear now is the weather. When asked if any issues were keeping him up at night in advance of the flight, Ares I-X mission manager Bob Ess replied "mostly the weather."

Because this is the first launch of its kind, and a major goal is to photograph and videotape the rocket's performance, NASA requires pristine skies and clear visibility to loft the booster. Furthermore, the launch is constrained by the risk of a phenomenon called "triboelectrification," which could occur when the rocket passes through clouds and triggers static electricity that might interfere with the instruments onboard. This is not a concern with space shuttle launches, which have been proven immune to this occurrence.

Ares I-X has a four-hour launch window, from 8 a.m. to noon EDT, and it only needs about 10 minutes of clear skies within that time to launch. If the rocket cannot blast off on Tuesday, NASA can try again during the same window on Wednesday, when weather conditions are expected to improve.

NASA will begin counting down toward the planned liftoff at 1 a.m. EDT Tuesday, with a live television broadcast to begin at 5 a.m.

Ready to go
Despite the inherent uncertainty in Ares I-X's flight, mission managers said they are as confident as possible.

"We're in great shape, the vehicle's ready to go, and certainly all of us are really excited about Tuesday's launch," said NASA test director Jeff Spaulding during a Sunday briefing.
The rocket is slated to launch skyward, but stop short of reaching orbit, before falling back down to Earth. The entire mission is planned to last just over two minutes.
During that time over 700 sensors onboard will feed back meticulous measurements of the rocket's path and performance, while cameras on the ground and aboard airborne planes will take photographs to chart its trajectory.

"Our purpose is to validate the design and gain practical experience with the vehicle," Davis said. "The goal of the test is to get information, it's all about learning. The only failure on this flight is a failure to learn from it."

Monday, October 26, 2009

Spanish story

Subject: Spanish
Project: Write a story about a boy namedJuanwho is lazy & bound to fail at life.

(English) Juan is a lazy moron, from what I can see. The only things he does, is eat, sleep, talk on the phone and watch TV. It seems to me that he hasn't the aspiration to do anything, which is funny because he'll not get anywhere in life. I, personally, would like to see him fail. It would most certainly make my freaking day. And I most definately need my day made. So come on Juan! Fail at life! I need a little bit of "happy" in my day!What are you waiting for, my dear? You'll fail in no time. So get a move on, my sweet. I just can't wait to see your despair when you find your life is nothing but worthless trash. No more waiting! Hurry on!

Juan es un idiota perezoso, por lo que puedo ver. Lo único que hace es comer, dormir, hablar por teléfono y ver televisión. A mí me parece que no tiene la aspiración de hacer nada, que es divertido porque no llegaremos a ninguna parte en la vida. Yo, personalmente, le gustaría verlo fracasar. Sería sin duda que el día de mi maldita. Y yo, definitivamente necesita mi día hizo. Así que ven a Juan! Fracasan en la vida! Necesito un poco de "feliz" en mi día! ¿Qué estás esperando, querida? Usted no en ningún momento. Así que moverse, mi dulce. No puedo esperar a ver su desesperación cuando se encuentre su vida no es más que basura sin valor. No más espera! A toda prisa!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Informal Essay

What is an informal essay? An informal essay is like a formal essay but it is more relaxed but still has a strong structer and is mainly written for enjoyment.

I walked down the street on that cold winter morning. The wind blew violently in my face. Arg, I knew I should have brought that thicker jacket. As ‘smart’ as I was, I always forgot the most important things. So for the next half hour my stupidity would punish me… a lot.

I was half-way to… well where ever happens to be in the general direction. And I find out that I have only walked a few blocks down the street when Anna Lesh’s dog jumped at me and almost took my face off.

That thing would not stop barking; I kicked the darn thing and it just barked louder.

By the time I got away from that over-sized Chihuahua I had the biggest headache that I ever had. Finally, I was there! I walked inside and said my favorite phrase. I'll have a Big Mac.

Story by: James Nicholas Jones

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Curved Attitude

Curved Attitude

I should curve my attitude so I don't have to write these reports ever again. If I ever have t o write another one of these I might just go insane. You might go insane too, think about that.
I would like to further say something now that all of that is out of my system. I'm sorry that I yelled and screamed at you. I know that I shouldn't but I guess if I knew that better, I wouldn't be writing this now, would I? Honestly though, I am sorry to t he utmost degree. I love you and I know I was wrong.

History Report

Project: Battle of Saratoga
Goal: Write 150-250 word story as if you were a soldier in the Battle of Saratoga. Make for sure to leave the source information too.


I remember it; the year was 1777 we were so close to defeating the British here. The royal troops began there march upon our camps in three separate columns. It scared me actually, half to death. All of those soldiers…could we really kill them all? It made it even harder on us for the fact that we were surrounded. They had two columns march through the forests and one column cut down the middle. American scouts detected Burgoyne's army in motion and notified Gates, who ordered Col. Morgan's corps of Virginia riflemen to track the British march. Some of our men brushed with Burgoyne’s center column. That battle lasted about three hours from what I was told. When that column finally began to waver more reinforcements arrived from a nearby river. These soldiers made it impossible for the Americans to defeat them. This ended in a failure for America.

Source of information:

Home Economics Project

Lysa 's meal plan for a week with grocery list. She did not have to add everyday staples such as flour, sugar, or seasonings.

Sunday: B= cream of wheat L= grilled cheese D= 15 bean soup
Monday: B= egg sandwich L= baked chicken D= chicken noodle soup
Tuesday: B= PB&J L= BLT D= large salad
Wednesday: B= cream of wheat L= chicken sandwich D= vegetable beef soup
Thursday: B= eggs L= ham sandwich D= 3 bean soup
Friday: B= oatmeal with peaches L= apple w/ ham sandwich D= country dinner
Saturday: B= cold cereal L= nachos D= steak

Grocery List

cream of wheat, eggs, peanut butter, wheat bread, jelly, oatmeal, peaches, box of cereal, cheese, chicken, bacon, lettuce, ham, chips, apple, bag 15 beans, pasta, can of vegetable beef soup, bag of 3 beans, beef, country fried steak, potatoes, green beans.

Grade: Over all I think you did a pretty good job. I believe you have grasped the concept of meal planning & making a grocery list. If this were a real meal plan you would want to make it a more balanced meal plan so it is in accordance to the food pyramid chart.

For example; on Monday you have an egg sandwich maybe you could add cheese or a glass of milk plus a piece of fruit. Your baked chicken should have vegetable to go along with it and possible rice or pasta, then your dinner is perfect. Oh, on your grocery list you forgot the milk.

Learning new Words

In the quest to broaden my kids vocabulary we have decided to give them new words that they not only have probably never heard of but they don't know their meaning or how to use them in a sentence. The must look up the word then give a sentence using the word.

Yesterday's word was;

Blooter: A babbler, a bumbling idiot, a fool.

President Barack Hussein Obama is the truest form of a blooter.

Today's word;

Bloviator: 1. A public figure, such as a politician or an actor, who makes outlandish, strident statements on issues, thinking that the average man will care about their opinions.

2. Someone who pontificates about issues of which they are uninformed, yet pretend to be expert.

3. Pompous blowhard, using their celebrity to speak about topics on which they are totally unqualified.

That bloviator Alec Baldwin said he was going to move to France. Why is he still in Hollywood?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where did Halloween come from?

What is Halloween really all about?

Have you ever asked yourself, "Who in the world ever thought of the idea of walking around in weird costumes, trick or treating, and/or putting a carved-out pumpkin in your window?"
You will agree with me that Halloween is really one of the strangest days of the year, is it not? Perhaps you wonder how the celebration of such a day ever got started. Well, let me answer this question for you!

Where and when did Halloween customs originate?

The many customs we have today in relation to Halloween have their origins in the religious practices of the Romans and the Druids, therefore dating back many centuries. The Romans worshiped various gods and on October 31, a special feast was held in honor of Pomona, goddess of the fruit trees. Later, the Druids, an ancient order of Celtic priests in Britain, made this feast an even more extensive celebration by also honoring Samhain, lord of the dead. This was normally done on November 1 and it was therefore decided to conveniently honor both Pomona and Samhain on October 31 and November 1.

These Druids believed that on the night before November 1 (October 31) Samhain called together wicked souls or spirits which had been condemned to live in the bodies of animals during the year which had just transpired. Since they were afraid of these spirits, they chose October 31 as a day to sacrifice to their gods, hoping they would protect them. They really believed that on this day they were surrounded by strange spirits, ghosts, witches, fairies, and elves, who came out to hurt them. In addition to this, they also believed that cats were holy animals, as they considered them to represent people who lived formerly, and as punishment for evil deeds were reincarnated as a cat. All this explains why witches, ghosts, and cats are a part of Halloween today.

The custom of trick-or-treating and the use of "jack-o'-lanterns" comes from Ireland. Hundreds of years ago, Irish farmers went from house to house, begging for food, in the name of their ancient gods, to be used at the village Halloween celebration. They would promise good luck to those who gave them good, and made threats to those who refused to give. They simply told the people, "You treat me, or else I will trick you!"

The apparently harmless lightened pumpkin face or "jack-o'-lantern" actually is an old Irish symbol of damned soul. A man named Jack was supposed to be able unable to enter heaven due to his miserliness, and unable to enter hell because he had played practice jokes on the devil. As a result, he was condemned to wander over the earth with his lantern until judgment day (i.e., the end of the world). The Irish were so afraid that they would receive an identical plight, that they began to hollow out pumpkins and place lighted candles inside to scare away evil spirits from their home.

When did the modern Halloween celebration begin?

During the Middle Ages (about 600 years ago), the Roman Catholic Church at that time, decided to make the change-over from pagan religion to Christianity a bit easier, and therefore allowed the new converts to maintain some of their pagan feasts. It was agreed, however, that from now on they would be celebrated as "Christian" feats. So instead of praying to thwir heathen gods, they would now pray to, and remember the deaths of saints. For this reason the church decided to call November 1 the "Day of All Saints," and the mass to be celebrated on that day "Alhallowmass." In consequence of this, the evening prior to this day was named, "All Hallowed Evening" which subsequently was abbreviated as "Halloween." In spite of this effort to make October 31 a "holy evening," all the old customs continued to be practiced, and made this evening anything BUT a holy evening!

Halloween today.

You would have to agree with me that also today Halloween is most definently not a holy evening!! This annual event is far from the harmless, innocent tradition it is promoted to be. Many dread this "holy" evening as they think what could happen to them, their property, and/or their children! Consistent with its historical roots, this evening is charecterized by fear, and frequently arouses dormant fears in many. The fear generated by this event is symbolic of the fear which plagues so many in our moden, morally bankrupt world. It is a gripping fear for an unknown and very threatening future, a fear caused by a gnawing inner emptiness.

An alternative for October 31.

For many in this land, this day stands for the very opposite of fear!! On this day in 1517, a German monk and professor of theology, Dr. Martin Luther, courageously published the simple, straightforward truth of the Bible. God's Word, which he has rediscovered after a long and intense spiritual struggle. God used the truth of his own Word to give Luther the inner peace he had so desperately longed for. The Bible pointed him the way to God Himself, and when he found God through Jesus Christ, he found this peace which passes all understanding! He himself stated that it was as if he entered Paradise itself.

As a result of his courageous act on October 31, 1517, the Bible came into the hands of the common people again, and many, who as he, were deeply troubled by sin and it’s consequences, found peace with God as well!

It was God himself, Who used Martin Luther to bring His message of deliverance into the hands and hearts of sinners, in order to bring them back to Himself, and give then TRUE peace!! It is therefore with deep gratitude to God that we wish commemorate October 31, as it reminds us of God's gracious and mighty deeds nearly five centuries ago.

It is the Word of God, and its precious truth, rediscover by Martin Luther, which still gives true peace to many today. In the Bible ALONE will you find the ONLY answer to the deep yearning of your heart. ONLY when God becomes your God through Jesus Christ, you will find rest at last and you will answer to the true purpose of human existence, namely, to honor, serve, and enjoy our Creator!!

Is the God of heaven and earth YOUR God? If not, seek Him TODAY, while He still may be found!!

God, manifested in Jesus Christ, invited you Himself in His Word. Turn to the gospel of Matthew and read chapter 11:28,

"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden and i will give you rest!"

Those who insist on seeking inner peace without being reconciled to God through Jesus Christ, will have to endure eternal misery without God. God does not desire the eternal misery of man and therefore He also extends this invitation in Ezekial 33:11,

"As I live, saith the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the deaths of the wicked (i.e. Sinner) but that the wicked turn from his way and live! Turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways: for why will ye die?"

Why leaves change colors

We all enjoy the colors of autumn leaves. Did you ever wonder how and why a fall leaf changes color? Why a maple leaf turns bright red? Where do the yellows and oranges come from? To answer those questions, we first have to understand what leaves are and what they do.

Leaves are nature's food factories. Plants take water from the ground through their roots. They take a gas called carbon dioxide from the air. Plants use sunlight to turn water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose. Oxygen is a gas in the air that we need to breathe. Glucose is a kind of sugar. Plants use glucose as food for energy and as a building block for growing. The way plants turn water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and sugar is called photosynthesis. That means "putting together with light." A chemical called chlorophyll helps make photosynthesis happen. Chlorophyll is what gives plants their green color.

As summer ends and autumn comes, the days get shorter and shorter. This is how the trees "know" to begin getting ready for winter.

During winter, there is not enough light or water for photosynthesis. The trees will rest, and live off the food they stored during the summer. They begin to shut down their food-making factories. The green chlorophyll disappears from the leaves. As the bright green fades away, we begin to see yellow and orange colors. Small amounts of these colors have been in the leaves all along. We just can't see them in the summer, because they are covered up by the green chlorophyll.

The bright reds and purples we see in leaves are made mostly in the fall. In some trees, like maples, glucose is trapped in the leaves after photosynthesis stops. Sunlight and the cool nights of autumn cause the leaves turn this glucose into a red color. The brown color of trees like oaks is made from wastes left in the leaves.

It is the combination of all these things that make the beautiful colors we enjoy in the fall.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Yelling Essay

I'm racking up the essays today. I guess I never realized how often my kids had items taken away for doing one behavior or another. I know I make that sound like their always in trouble but their not. As a rule, I have very good children & I'm so very blessed to be their mother.

Okay, the title says yelling; daughter was told to give the computer over to her brother because she had already been on for a very long time, she was very upset that she had to give it up when he hadn't completed all of his chores which in our house is a prerequisite for computer time. She was unaware that since there wasn't enough of a chore for him to do I had granted him permission to wait on this chore until later in the day, this was unfair in her words because I would never allow this from her which is totally absurd. She started yelling at me & instead of grounding her or taking away items (this action doesn't seem to be working) I told her I wanted on essay on why yelling at an adult is unacceptable. This is what she turned in;

Why I should not Yell
by Alyssa Jones

I shouldn't yell because it's a rule of the house. It is a standard in the house and it's a rule commonly displayed in a regular house hold.

Though it is demonstrated frequently by children, drivers, irritation etc., it is supposedly "disrespectful". Because it is "disrespectful", it is an action banned by most house holds, mine included.

Some people yell as a way to relieve their irritation or frustration as I have done.I can't think of any other reason why I should not yell other than the reason I have provided; disrespect, house hold rule, standard.

I'm sorry I yelled at you but I was already frustrated and it seemed to me that you were not listening so I did what I did. Obviously I can not undo what I've done and so I can only apologize.

I will not say I'm sorry for yelling because I can tell you this, I know I will yell again and to say sorry would be a lie which I also can not do without having to write another essay.

Lying essay

I think I've found what works when the kids misbehave; make them write a report on why they did something & why it's wrong. My darling son lied to me over something very trivial, he wouldn't have gotten in trouble over it but his fear thinking he would made him tell a lie. I caught him in his lie so he did a report on his lie. In his own words ... spelling, grammar, everything ... here it is.

I am sorry that I lied to you. Unfortunatly, that is the only way I know to express my regret for what I have done. I love tou and it was a stupid thing todo.
Even in the Bible it tells me to respect you, this only makes me feelworse about lying to you. If there were another way for me to say that I am sorry I would. At this rate this will take me days to finish this essay. I apologize for lying to you, the only reason I lied was because I was scared I would get in trouble. Now I see that it was my own fear that got me in trouble. If I had told the truth from the beginning I would not have to write this. I will try my hardest never to lie to you again.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why School Comes First

Lysa was caught online while she was supposed to be doing school work so the only course of action I could think of was to have her write a one page report on the importance of doing school work first & then having fun online. This is the report she turned in.

School should come first because if you pay attention to other things and not school work, your grades will slowly decrease, or they will decline swiftly. If your grades do diminish, then you will not get into a good college, if you do get into college at all. Getting good grades is the first step to getting into college. After finishing in college, you have a higher chance of getting a good job. If you do not get good grades, get into college, or get a good job, then what is your life? A drive-thru worker that serves fast-food at McDonalds living in a one bedroom apartment making barely enough money to support yourself.

Now, if you get good grades, get into a good college such as Auburn University, then what is your life? Let’s say hypothetically, you would be this: A veterinarian that works surgeries every day on animals living in a two story, five bedroom house making thousands of dollars, more than enough to support your life. The life I would choose is the life leading thousands of dollars working at something you love. Not working at McDonalds.

Paying attention to school is the first step to keep your life on track and never have to worry about next month’s heating and cooling bill. Going to college is the next step to getting the best education you can get. Working at a high-paying job is the best way to live life to the fullest. People who go to college, and pay attention to school always get a good life, unless they mess it all up on drugs, alcohol, etc. But that will probably be discussed in a later report. If you go to college, think of it like this, you will not be stuck making up emoticons for the rest of your pitiful excuse for a life. You will not be left on the street begging for change because you were to stupid to do anything. You will not be sleeping inside Walmart because you couldn’t bother to pay attention to a stupid geometry question. You will not be using a grocery store buggy as a car because you couldn’t do a simple math question.