Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Not the Public School!

Guess what? Daughter has decided she does not want to go into th epublic school system. I called the school & they directed me to their school web site ... we read through it together & she didn't like all the rules/regulations & the punishment that went along with the rules if broken. Although I don't let my kids get away with much I'm very open to them speaking their minds & letting them get things off of their chest without much reprocation. Well, the school site says any derogatory remarks will result in after school detention. The number one derogatory no-no is using shut-up. It's my daughters favorite saying. She says public school isn't important enough to make her change the way she speaks. he he he

We got back into church so she is around kids there. She reconnected with some old home school buddies via the computer, she's called them up a couple times to and then theres still girl scouts which I'm trying very hard to get a hold of someone who says they can help me out. It's very frustrating to say the least. I'm still looking into homeschool groups since our cover school is so far away. =(

School is over today but we bought crafts for the kids to play around with. They made a gingerbread tree today ... they've already dove into it but not before I got cute pics to go with it. I'll have to come back & add a slideshow of all the pics. Some of them were really wild looking. I also purchased felt so they can make stockings. I'm hoping they'll want to give them to their cousins (twins) but I have a feeling daughter will want to keep hers. She's the type who wants to save all the things she makes whereas son loves to give all the things he makes to others.

Well, I guess that's all for me today ... have a few things to take care of before my day comes to an end. Have a blessed day.


Estela said...

Glad she decided to continue homeschooling. I hope you get hold of someone in G.S. soon.

Nancy said...

Interesting reason! Well now you dont have to worry about it so thats good.
Did you call the GS headquarters? I can get you a phone number.

Nemokat05 said...