Friday, February 5, 2010

Dew point Experiment


Why must the metal can be shiny?
So you can see the perspiration.

Why must the ice be added slowly?
So the water can adjust to the new cold, therefore creating water on the outside of the can.

What advantages would be in repeating the experiment several times?
You would be able to see if the information you have drawn from the experiment is correct or not.

What is the average dew point?
Sixty degrees Fahrenheit.

If possible, compare your findings with someone else who did the experiment.
How are your results similar or different, and why?
They are similar. We both got around the sixty-degree range, although they did not add the ice in as slowly as I did.

What did you find out from this investigation? Be thoughtful in your answer.

I have found that the dew—perspiration on a metal can, in this case—comes in at about sixty degrees. It came just about when the can got extremely cold. It was not a thick sheet of perspiration, though. It was actually just a thin sheen of moisture.

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