Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Daze

The kids started caring for 5 horses on a farm that is just 2 miles up the road from us so Lysa decided she was ok with dropping out of riding lessons. She took them for 3 years & her teachers weren't advancing her like she wanted. In 3 years she barely got to trot ... on her own she is galloping all over the fields with such ease, it looks like she was born to ride. Nick loves that his love for horses doesn't mean he's saddled with endless details that must be completed before he can throw on a saddle & take off. The kids

seem much happier taking care of horses instead of lessons that last for an hour or less.

The kids grandmother decided that she wanted to move into our area so we packed her up & helped her get into her own place. Of course as always it didn't last more than a month and she was calling her sister to come pick her up to move her back to B'ham. We learned a lot from her stay and have all decided she is who she is and no matter how much we want her life to be better it will never be that way until she truly wants for herself as well.

We celebrated Nick's birthday with a trip over to GA ... we went to 6 Flags. We had a fabulous time, spent the whole weekend riding as many rides as possible. We met a lot of the characters, had pictures taken with them, and well ... we just had a load of fun being a family.

In May Jim & I celebrated out 15th anniversary and we wanted the kids to be a part of that celebration so we all went to Panama City Beach. We swam in the ocean, went on a dolphon cruise that including swimming with the dolphins, we went to Gulf World where Nick got kissed by a sea lion & I shook fins with a dolphin, we walked the shore in search of sea shells ... we ended up catching glimpses of jellyfish that had washed on the shore. The best part of the vacation in everyones view was when we went parasailing. None of us could decide what was more fun; the banana boat ride out to the boat or the actual parasailing. he he he

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