Friday, July 24, 2009

1 Week to go ...

My kids; 2nd row, Nick is the second person and lysa is the 4th person. Picture taken in SC at church camp.

Our school is starting back up on the 3rd of August. I know, earlier than anywhere else probably in all of the states. Oh well, the kids brains are getting mushy from to much computer, tv, and video game time so they need to be challenged again.

I'm working on their schedule & think I finally have it down the way I like it. This is what their first semester will look like;

9am - Bible study ... reading the Bible in a yr. plus daily devotionals
9:15 - reading (my choice) Starting with Glenn Beck's Common Sense
9:30 - Spanish I
10 am - short break
10:10 - the US Constitution/ Alabama state History
10:45 - Science
11:15 - Algebra
11:45 - Lunch
12:15 - History
12:45 - Language/Writing
1:15 - Family/consumer Science
1:45 - reading (their choice)

Feild Trips for the first quarter will be to Disney (fun time but also Science), also planning a trip to the state capital as part of Alabama History.

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