Friday, September 18, 2009

New addition

Cricket (Fancy's baby) is getting bigger & cutier by the day. As you can tell her eyes are now open & she is scooting around a lot more than last week. The people who are taking her at 6 weeks named her. Lysa didn't like the name at first but a few days after she heard the name she heard the baby cry out & says, "OMG, she does sound like a little cricket." Now she loves the name.

In other news ...

We got a shock at the beginning of the week. Our pomeranian gave birth to 2 puppies. It was a shock cause we didn't know she was pregnant ... didn't look bigger, never saw her nest or act out of character. One of the babies died ... when we found him he was cold & no about of rubbing or breathing into his lungs could bring him back. The other little boy is healthy as a horse though. Mommy & baby are doing well. We haven't named him yet ... I like the name pom-chi cause it's one of the nicknames this breed is given although Lysa likes the name Sable. I'm not a fan of this name but I guess it really doesn't matter what name either of us like since this little pomihuahua will be going to another home.

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