Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why School Comes First

Lysa was caught online while she was supposed to be doing school work so the only course of action I could think of was to have her write a one page report on the importance of doing school work first & then having fun online. This is the report she turned in.

School should come first because if you pay attention to other things and not school work, your grades will slowly decrease, or they will decline swiftly. If your grades do diminish, then you will not get into a good college, if you do get into college at all. Getting good grades is the first step to getting into college. After finishing in college, you have a higher chance of getting a good job. If you do not get good grades, get into college, or get a good job, then what is your life? A drive-thru worker that serves fast-food at McDonalds living in a one bedroom apartment making barely enough money to support yourself.

Now, if you get good grades, get into a good college such as Auburn University, then what is your life? Let’s say hypothetically, you would be this: A veterinarian that works surgeries every day on animals living in a two story, five bedroom house making thousands of dollars, more than enough to support your life. The life I would choose is the life leading thousands of dollars working at something you love. Not working at McDonalds.

Paying attention to school is the first step to keep your life on track and never have to worry about next month’s heating and cooling bill. Going to college is the next step to getting the best education you can get. Working at a high-paying job is the best way to live life to the fullest. People who go to college, and pay attention to school always get a good life, unless they mess it all up on drugs, alcohol, etc. But that will probably be discussed in a later report. If you go to college, think of it like this, you will not be stuck making up emoticons for the rest of your pitiful excuse for a life. You will not be left on the street begging for change because you were to stupid to do anything. You will not be sleeping inside Walmart because you couldn’t bother to pay attention to a stupid geometry question. You will not be using a grocery store buggy as a car because you couldn’t do a simple math question.

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Estela said...

LOL.. I especially love the last paragraph. :)