Wednesday, November 5, 2008

World War II

World War II Report
by Nick J.

After the cost of the World War I, no one thought Germany would be willing to risk war again. however, the harsh conditions caused by the armistice created a fertile environment for many radical politicians. So out of the bitter depths of Germany rose Adolf Hitler. He quickly marshaled the resources of the entire nation for their military.

At first instead of risking another was, Europe simply gave in to Hitler. After Hitler attacked Poland in 1939, England and France quickly declared was on Germany. Less than a year later France was captured and England besieged. Just a year later saw the invasion of the Soviet Union. By the year 1943 most of Europe was under German control.

The image of that rule are horrifying. Secret Nazi police brutally enforced German policies. Thousands went missing at night. Concentration camps were built to accommodate those that were "racially impure" and had anti-Nazi beliefs. Most people died in these concentration camps from over working and inadequate food.

As individual countries readied for war, hero's emerged in factories as on the battlefield. America turned all of it's industrial production towards weapons for the military. All of the civilians made sacrifices in an effort to win the war.

Ultimately, Hitler was defeated. The costs were massive. Millions of soldiers and civilians died and most of Europe was destroyed. The whole country of Europe had to be rebuilt. Radios, roads, even entire cities were destroyed.

My great grandfather was in World War II ... he never really talked about the things he saw. I believe the things he saw were just to horrible to mention. I'm glad that he survived, not many of his brethren did.

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Anonymous said...

I read both world war 1 and 2 reports...terrific! I was never good at history so maybe I will learn something here!