Thursday, October 30, 2008

World War I Report

World War I
By Nick J.

World War I brought many great changes all over the world. It was even called "the war to end all wars". However, the bad peace conditions brought upon Germany at the end of the war played an important role in setting up for World War II. Instead of providing lasting peace, World War I became the beginning for the unprecedented destruction from Hitler's wrath.

World War I was on a scale never before seen. The sheer loss in human lives were staggering. For example, the battle of Somme was waged for six months, all for just a few square miles of land. Over all the allies lost about 600,000 troops while the Germans lost over 650,000 troops. The total loses for the entire war were 10 million troops. Civilian losses hugely exceeded that amount.

On November 11, 1918 at about 11 am, World War I was ended. Now the difficult task of drafting a long lasting peace treaty would begin. The basis of the treaties peace negotiations were president Wilson, 14 Points. The Cental Powers were absent at the negotiations so they were forced to accept the terms of the armistice. At a large speech to congress on January 8, 1918, president Wilson outlined his vision for lasting worldwide peace. This was designed to boost the allies morale also assuring fair treatment of the Central Powers after the war.

In Wilson's preface to the 14 points he said, "We demand that the world be made fit and safe to live in ... against force and selfish aggression."

World War II report to follow soon.

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