Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back to School Beach Bash

The Beach Bash was a youth group function with the church and actually a week after we started school but it was so much fun. We wentt o St. Andrews Bay in Florida. Nice beach that I have never been to before. A lot of the group went snorkling and were able to see many different types of fish. I really wish we would have taken a water proof camera (we'll know for next time). Some of the group (including me) didn't do much swimming as there were a lot of jellyfish swimming around. I didn't think I was afraid of them until I saw it coming toward me. Scary!! Some of the kids saw sting rays & Jim (hubby) was so close that he reached out and pet the top of it's body. How cool is that?
Now, on to the first week of school. Lysa loved being on the computer for her work ... said it's much better than workbooks. I tend to agree but that be because I've become lazy when it comes to grading their work & keeping track of attendance. This program does it all for me. It even keeps track of their time in each subject which will be a bonus if I should ever put them in the public school system. Currently I don't see that happening but with the econmy the way it is I never know what tomorrow will bring. The only thing I can do is pray to the good Lord that he continues to provide for us.
I'm taking Spanish with the kids which seems to make the lessons more interesting as I talk to them in Spanish & they are required to answer me in Spanish. We don't know much yet, but we know a few things. Enough to have a couple sentences worth of conversation. I made up a stack of flash cards to help with the learning process. I'll come back & update how this is going.

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