Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sovereign Citizens As our Founding Father's intended!

Today my daughter (after spending time with her friend) informs me that she wants to go back to the public school. When I said no, she said she has the right to the pursuit of happiness. True, but first she must be considered a sovereign citizen for the constitution to work for her... ya know ... concept of the Founding Father's known as Sovereign Citizens. Based on the feedback I have gotten, especially from younger persons, it appears our government has instructed to Public Schools to further "dumb-down" and "Cuckold" the Citizens of American by leaving out the Founding Father's concept of "Sovereign Citizens"

Briefly, before the drafting of the American Constitution previous governments had vested Sovereignty in the hands of one or a few people. With the American Constitution, American Citizens became the Sovereigns by their ability to vote for politicians and with the provision that certain human rights were inalienable. [For the Record, the United States is not a Democracy, it is a Representative Republic. (The American Republic form of government acknowledges that the sovereign power is founded in the people, individually, not in the collective or whole body of free citizens, as in a democratic form. Thus no majority can deprive a minority of their sovereign rights and powers.)]

I was moved to write this article after viewing this YouTube Video "Ronald Reagan - A Time For Choosing (October 27, 1964)" Please pay close attention at 2:59m-6:25m. This is a speech by former President Ronald Reagan long before he was president. If time permits, please also listen to the entire tape and see if you hear any similarity to current situation and the situation the USA was in then. Though I heard this speech for the first time today, I think you will find it compatible with thoughts I have been promoting.

I hope this reference to Sovereign Citizenship by a former US President will convince your that the concept of Sovereign Citizenship is real and proposed by the Founding Fathers of our Country. I hope this speech serves to edify those of you that the Public Schools deprived of learning and knowing the POWER the Founding Father's intended you to have! It should also help you to understand this is not a concept that I made up out of thin air. Finally, you should know that your teachers and the public schools intended to deprive you of power and knowledge when they failed to educate you upon this subject.Your can learn more about Sovereign Citizenship, as intended by the Founding Fathers here.

All that having been said, I say to you: My loyalty to my principles and my Country transcend party loyalty; where do your loyalties lie?

As a Sovereign Citizen it is your duty to put loyalty to Country and your personal principles over loyalty to party.

These thoughts were on my mind.

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