Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Break

This week we are taking off ... a Fall Break. Our first quarter has been completed, the kids are ahead in all of their studies and well, I like to give the kids the same days off as the public schools. I have found over the years that it's much easier to let them enjoy time with their friends instead of keeping them inside for studies while their friends are outside. This just works better for us.

Poetry is good for the Soul

In autumn when the trees are brown
The little leaves come tumbling down
They do not make the slightest sound
But lie so quietly on the ground
Until the wind comes puffing by
And blows them off towards the sky.

Keeping our hands & minds occupied with fun.

Potpourri is wonderful natural material for creating unique fall wreaths. The potpourri gets sold in bags and is available in many colors and aromas. Choose bags with larger and smaller pieces for a variety.

1. Wrap paper twist around the styrofoam wreath until completely covered and secure.
2. Glue fibers onto the wreath at different intervals. Then take potpourri and fill in the empty spaces until the desired look is achieved.
3. When using for the door, attach a cord to the top of the wreath.

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