Sunday, August 16, 2009

Riding Italiano Style

Lysa started her lessons back up this past Friday. She was a little shy at first but I think it was more concentrated then shy. Her new instructor is from Italy and has a very heavy accent. You have to pay close attention to understand what she is saying. I'm a little upset that her lessons are $15 more than her last 2 instructors but guess I will just have to suck it up so Lysa will stay happy. =)

Miss Anna (instructors name) Started her off with the very basic questions. Basically wanted to know how much she already knew so she knew where to start teaching her. She was glad to her her last instructor was Miss Jan Keiger as she knew her well. After only a couple minutes she said it was evident that Miss Jan had taught her well cause her posture was perfect. Thanks Jan!!!

Since Alyssa stated that she wants to continue you on with her dressage lessons on go on to jumping Miss Anna let her trot ... cantor ... then started teaching her how to position her body when learning to jump. Whoo Hoo ... she's figuring out the body position & for now stepping o ver the wood. She learned how to make a horse walk backwards out of a gate & why it's an important thing to teach a horse. You teach a horse to walk out backward so when it sees an open gate it doesn't bold out & run away from you. Very clever. She learned something new.

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