Thursday, August 13, 2009


The kids plates seem to be really full of things to do so we have cut out the reading the Bible in a year idea. I've also dropped Alyssa out of the Story of the Constitution. I really wanted her to take the class but honestly it seemed a little over her head this year so I will try it again next year. It is for 8-10 grade so I'm not gonna be upset about her not being ready.

Spanish is going very well for all 3 of us. Some of the uses of certain words are a little confusing but I'm thinking once we start getting it all down we will zip right through it. I think I'm taking the most time on the lessons but Nick is picking it up the quickest. He's so darn smart. Thank you Lord for blessing me with a really smart kid.

Tomorrow Alyssa starts her horse lessons back up. She's excited to get to know her new instructor. I don't know how long she will stay with this one cause the price is higher than her last instructor & the instructor has stated that she teaches English for Pleasure which Alyssa is really wanting to learn dressage/jumping. So we shall see how we like this one. I'llcome back in the next day or two with pictures ...

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