Friday, August 21, 2009

Week in review

Buenos Tardes, amigos. Como esta?
Good afternoon, friends. How are you?

All is well at Jones Academy this week. The kids are doing very well with their Spanish lessons. Just wish I could speak to them in Spanish & have them know what I'm asking & answer back in Spanish. Oh well, I'll keep trying & gradually they will get better.
Riding lessons are going well. Lysa is learning how to properly warm up the horse then go into a trot ... canter ... then jump. It all rest on proper posture when sitting then standing when she goes to take the jump. No actual jumping as of yet but it is only the second lesson on jumping so I wouldn't expect there to be just yet.

Lysa is working on Base 5 and having a lot of problems with it. No different than Nick last year. Uggg, how on earth did I teach it last year? Lord knows I don't know as I can't seem to remember it for this year. Guess I will have to read through the teachers material & learn it all over again so she can get the hang of it. Maybe I will grab Nick for a while & let him teach me what I taught him last year. he he he Geez, getting old isn't fun!
Adios. Hasta luego!
Good-bye. See you later!

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Lori said...

We started our full class schedule this week, too. Glad you guys are doing well. I actually made a blog entry yesterday, and I guess I'm going to try to make them more often now. I missed it, but just didn't feel up to -- plus I play on Face Book too much, as you well know!