Monday, October 19, 2009

Lying essay

I think I've found what works when the kids misbehave; make them write a report on why they did something & why it's wrong. My darling son lied to me over something very trivial, he wouldn't have gotten in trouble over it but his fear thinking he would made him tell a lie. I caught him in his lie so he did a report on his lie. In his own words ... spelling, grammar, everything ... here it is.

I am sorry that I lied to you. Unfortunatly, that is the only way I know to express my regret for what I have done. I love tou and it was a stupid thing todo.
Even in the Bible it tells me to respect you, this only makes me feelworse about lying to you. If there were another way for me to say that I am sorry I would. At this rate this will take me days to finish this essay. I apologize for lying to you, the only reason I lied was because I was scared I would get in trouble. Now I see that it was my own fear that got me in trouble. If I had told the truth from the beginning I would not have to write this. I will try my hardest never to lie to you again.

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