Friday, October 23, 2009

Informal Essay

What is an informal essay? An informal essay is like a formal essay but it is more relaxed but still has a strong structer and is mainly written for enjoyment.

I walked down the street on that cold winter morning. The wind blew violently in my face. Arg, I knew I should have brought that thicker jacket. As ‘smart’ as I was, I always forgot the most important things. So for the next half hour my stupidity would punish me… a lot.

I was half-way to… well where ever happens to be in the general direction. And I find out that I have only walked a few blocks down the street when Anna Lesh’s dog jumped at me and almost took my face off.

That thing would not stop barking; I kicked the darn thing and it just barked louder.

By the time I got away from that over-sized Chihuahua I had the biggest headache that I ever had. Finally, I was there! I walked inside and said my favorite phrase. I'll have a Big Mac.

Story by: James Nicholas Jones

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