Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ares 1-x Shuttle Launch

The first day the Ares 1-X shuttle tried to launch, NASA scratched it because it was delayed because of a cargo ship that had sailed into the safety zone of the launch, and because of clouds overhead. The flight will only last for the duration of six minutes, and will give NASA information needed to send man back to the moon.

The first two minutes of the flight will be to give NASA astronauts information. It will go up twenty eight miles. The designers of the Ares 1-x come from Huntsville, Alabama.

The rocket finally launched the second day after being scratched the previous day—the rocket launched at 11:30 am Eastern time at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Once it launched, it went past mach 2, all the way to mach 4.

It took the rocket but one minute to reach space, as it collects data to send to the ground. There is a camera attached to the side of the shuttle to show its journey.

11:32 am Eastern Time and the rocket breaks into two, sending the shuttle plummeting down to the ground. The data retrieved by the NASA scientists will hopefully allow them to send man back to the moon.

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