Thursday, October 22, 2009

Learning new Words

In the quest to broaden my kids vocabulary we have decided to give them new words that they not only have probably never heard of but they don't know their meaning or how to use them in a sentence. The must look up the word then give a sentence using the word.

Yesterday's word was;

Blooter: A babbler, a bumbling idiot, a fool.

President Barack Hussein Obama is the truest form of a blooter.

Today's word;

Bloviator: 1. A public figure, such as a politician or an actor, who makes outlandish, strident statements on issues, thinking that the average man will care about their opinions.

2. Someone who pontificates about issues of which they are uninformed, yet pretend to be expert.

3. Pompous blowhard, using their celebrity to speak about topics on which they are totally unqualified.

That bloviator Alec Baldwin said he was going to move to France. Why is he still in Hollywood?

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