Thursday, October 22, 2009

Home Economics Project

Lysa 's meal plan for a week with grocery list. She did not have to add everyday staples such as flour, sugar, or seasonings.

Sunday: B= cream of wheat L= grilled cheese D= 15 bean soup
Monday: B= egg sandwich L= baked chicken D= chicken noodle soup
Tuesday: B= PB&J L= BLT D= large salad
Wednesday: B= cream of wheat L= chicken sandwich D= vegetable beef soup
Thursday: B= eggs L= ham sandwich D= 3 bean soup
Friday: B= oatmeal with peaches L= apple w/ ham sandwich D= country dinner
Saturday: B= cold cereal L= nachos D= steak

Grocery List

cream of wheat, eggs, peanut butter, wheat bread, jelly, oatmeal, peaches, box of cereal, cheese, chicken, bacon, lettuce, ham, chips, apple, bag 15 beans, pasta, can of vegetable beef soup, bag of 3 beans, beef, country fried steak, potatoes, green beans.

Grade: Over all I think you did a pretty good job. I believe you have grasped the concept of meal planning & making a grocery list. If this were a real meal plan you would want to make it a more balanced meal plan so it is in accordance to the food pyramid chart.

For example; on Monday you have an egg sandwich maybe you could add cheese or a glass of milk plus a piece of fruit. Your baked chicken should have vegetable to go along with it and possible rice or pasta, then your dinner is perfect. Oh, on your grocery list you forgot the milk.

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