Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ares 1-x test rocket.

The Ares rocket launch had been scheduled for 10/27/09 at the Kennedy Space Center. This had been planned months in advance. I would assume that they had believed that it would be all sunshine and no clouds in sight.

But to there dismay, at 9:38 AM there were storm clouds headed towards the launch pad. This of course was a bad thing. Even just the smallest cloud that would touch the rocket could possibly send the entire flight off course. Merely one minute later the whether started to get worse and NASA started to consider scratching the lift-off.

At 9:45, they discarded there fear when most of the clouds had moved from the rockets location. Because of the decent whether they had at the moment they would decide to set the launch clock for T-Minus four minutes.

9:47, more problems, now a part of the engine would fail. If they could not get the engine to reset they would have to reset the launch clock. Now they had no choice. They could not reset the engine so the clock will be reset.

It is now 10:20 and NASA decides to shut down the launch for today and try again tomorrow.

10/28/09 its 11:28 and the Ares 1-x launch will be attempted one more time this day. Finally the words every one has been waiting for were said at 11:29. T-Minus 43 seconds ‘till lift-off.

Now at 11:30, history is made with the Ares rocket leaving the ground to start its six minute voyage. Merely one minute later the gorgeous white pillar has reached space at Mach 4. This is the fastest rocket, as well as the tallest to reach space. One more minute later and the rocket breaks off and begins its decent to the earth after making history.

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