Thursday, October 22, 2009

History Report

Project: Battle of Saratoga
Goal: Write 150-250 word story as if you were a soldier in the Battle of Saratoga. Make for sure to leave the source information too.


I remember it; the year was 1777 we were so close to defeating the British here. The royal troops began there march upon our camps in three separate columns. It scared me actually, half to death. All of those soldiers…could we really kill them all? It made it even harder on us for the fact that we were surrounded. They had two columns march through the forests and one column cut down the middle. American scouts detected Burgoyne's army in motion and notified Gates, who ordered Col. Morgan's corps of Virginia riflemen to track the British march. Some of our men brushed with Burgoyne’s center column. That battle lasted about three hours from what I was told. When that column finally began to waver more reinforcements arrived from a nearby river. These soldiers made it impossible for the Americans to defeat them. This ended in a failure for America.

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