Monday, October 19, 2009

Yelling Essay

I'm racking up the essays today. I guess I never realized how often my kids had items taken away for doing one behavior or another. I know I make that sound like their always in trouble but their not. As a rule, I have very good children & I'm so very blessed to be their mother.

Okay, the title says yelling; daughter was told to give the computer over to her brother because she had already been on for a very long time, she was very upset that she had to give it up when he hadn't completed all of his chores which in our house is a prerequisite for computer time. She was unaware that since there wasn't enough of a chore for him to do I had granted him permission to wait on this chore until later in the day, this was unfair in her words because I would never allow this from her which is totally absurd. She started yelling at me & instead of grounding her or taking away items (this action doesn't seem to be working) I told her I wanted on essay on why yelling at an adult is unacceptable. This is what she turned in;

Why I should not Yell
by Alyssa Jones

I shouldn't yell because it's a rule of the house. It is a standard in the house and it's a rule commonly displayed in a regular house hold.

Though it is demonstrated frequently by children, drivers, irritation etc., it is supposedly "disrespectful". Because it is "disrespectful", it is an action banned by most house holds, mine included.

Some people yell as a way to relieve their irritation or frustration as I have done.I can't think of any other reason why I should not yell other than the reason I have provided; disrespect, house hold rule, standard.

I'm sorry I yelled at you but I was already frustrated and it seemed to me that you were not listening so I did what I did. Obviously I can not undo what I've done and so I can only apologize.

I will not say I'm sorry for yelling because I can tell you this, I know I will yell again and to say sorry would be a lie which I also can not do without having to write another essay.

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